Programme will consists of six renowned Keynotes, oral and poster presentations.
For Abstract submission use the link from the „Abstracts“ tab on top of the page. You should register yourself within the system, in order to be able to start the submission process.
Abstract should contain objectives, methods, results and conclusion. Be as specific as possible, avoiding purely descriptive and speculative content. Abstract (without title, authors and their affiliations) should not exceed 300 words. Even though you will be able to submit abstract longer than 300 words, you will be aware of that because the submission system will treat your submission as incomplete (needing further editing) and as such it won’t be processed until set limits won’t be met. If you need to mention source of funding, do it within those 300 words.
You should be aware that because of limited slots for oral presentations at the NEOBIOTA Conferences, on average one third of abstracts submitted as oral presentations become accepted as oral, while rest as posters.

This year topics are:
– Invaders in biological communities and ecological networks: species interactions, food chains and beyond
– Biogeography and macroecology of invaders across spatial and temporal scales
– Invasive species in a changing environment
– Management of invasive species from decision makers to practitioners: lost in translation or on the right track?
– Citizen science, social media, and novel technologies for invasion science
– Impacts of biological invaders: from facts to perception and back
but all other contributions dealing with biological invasions are welcome as well.